Saturday, March 3, 2012

Must you make a scene?

This was my Dads catch phrase from Los Angeles to Henderson, when private issues were verbalized publicly. "Dad , can I get uh.." As if struck with pain he halted then turned.Soundlessly, his expression transformed into some guy who not only shouldn't be at a strip club, but he is at one and is given  hot sauce gag candy from a peer pressurer and his17 y/o daughter walks out on stage.  His arm raised in halt position in the store aisle like we are hunting in the outback. "Do you mean ,'may I'", he asks 40% disgusted tone, "and have in lieu of 'get'".
"Dad, may I have that Evil Kenivel wind up knuckle scraping toy?" as I sprinted across Fedco and slid
the last 4 feet up to the display in my blue Prokeds- "Must you make such a scene?" would switch my kid faculties into good manners mode. Highlights ranked in my top ten reads in 1971 - Goofus would get an arm grab, Gallant would get a toy. I'm 6;a silent pouting is an option. Frown power will shower thinking man's guilt, wafting quietly upwards. 
Wow, he shut up. Maybe the li'l guy deserves it. He'll not grow up daredevil like. It's quiet.

Scene averted.
All scenes have this.
A collection of people who are friends through proximity / the power of like. Fun being around each other, constantly. And love music.  Sharing w/ friends , helping each other with demos. Playing it almost for free, paying to go to see it, and purchasing music / merch without having to be on spotify.
   Venues, fans, artist, musicians, radio,print, cafes and Kinkos
Factions, cliques,are natural. We are a simple people. Fearing all, educating rarely. From middle school rich kids in lunchrooms to insecure skinheads downtown to Capitol Hill and the United Nations. Segregate so we can relate.Makes ugly clubs;see any Whit Stillman Film.
 I moved to Oakwood because Daniel lived there and it was cheap and not Chapel Hill, because I'm burned out there.
When Pepper moved into Bloodworth st. house, I was a 3 month vet and about to get  behind a month in rent, but I had settled my mattress up on 36 milk crates in the best upstairs room, other than Melissa's, John candy's, and Reed's master. Ok , I had the worst bedroom but I wasn't in the basement. Pepper was down there. Lot's of pipes and water heater ; mess. After a week I went to his mausoleum crypt- It was spotless and redeigned. Keenan was quietly doing 100 art projects from silk screen designs to skateboard logos and playing guitar.a whole lotta riffs.But this weirdo had an MFA. Pondering  the temper tantrum odds of him getting tired of hearing Peele giving me drum lessons in the dining room was still a focus detractor. Reed could sleep through anything as if he were on a Boroughs-Wellcome scientific sleep study. Or in a band with a guy from NOLA ready to play. Playing a million shows each week will wear the body down.
Embracing his rest,  we somehow took Mac McCaughn's plate from a Mustang he sold Reed and got in a
high speed chase* with Reardon and Jody Maxwell (from Sex Police).Preventable it started when MacGowan called the Cameron Village cashier a dumbass for carding all involved. I only remember quickly leaving because he demanded to see the manager who appeared like Houdini. Suddenly two lines exchanged and he was on the phone to the police. We ran to the car and went down to Edenton and with a cop behind us went behind the old Huddle House and took the driveway like u-turn exit to back to the bus station; we shook him, through boylan heights, western blvd. Minutes later Jamie Mc's and her Chapel Hill party- burned out there. Probably top 5 out of  20 -this is it guys -clean cell for some, dirty one for others...
She got us a hardback gig  the next month .
So, in NYC where you would never borrow gear without paying (!) Here in the Ol' North the cymbals and amps are free my friend.and  license plates. It is actually a scene.

 Pros: COC van lending to Veldt , yet us destroying a nextdoor car backing up- fleeing the scene, and leaving $800 cash with the Chavis' grandma.
 mentionable Cons: Using the old  NOCORE plate,COC van's, on Akin's Acura to get Carrboro Harris Teeter gaining a late night frozen dinner. The cop pulled up in the yard but the computer was down all night, so we waited for :30 and all I got was to thaw my dinner on the car hood. They called it a night.

 Reed borrowed my Animosity to practice with it.
*Chases :must involve George,L. Wurster, Reardon, MacGowan, Stehling, Ladd

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