Monday, October 24, 2011

Blow off the digital dustpile ; Run the Amex

We've done some  20th century projects, only to forget to release them. Creating art, only to have
the business side shelve something is our style. our albums, ideas, videos, tours, cover art...
Fair enough.
But, this has Peter Eichenberger in the subplot of a David van Gieson video.
'Sigh' - by The Veldt. If you can make something to resemble a camera - your lead singer is there on his mark.
Danny Chavis is not pictured because, well he was in a period of inability to leave the east village.
The year was 1998 and Brokenland was not trending yet. BRKLYN.
Des White isn't in it because he was mixing the record. I wasn't 100% sure of the location or time or date- so  I was a no show.
Our last 3 months together,
things change.
if you remember this shoot.. Facebook Daniel Chavis

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