Monday, October 24, 2011

Blow off the digital dustpile ; Run the Amex

We've done some  20th century projects, only to forget to release them. Creating art, only to have
the business side shelve something is our style. our albums, ideas, videos, tours, cover art...
Fair enough.
But, this has Peter Eichenberger in the subplot of a David van Gieson video.
'Sigh' - by The Veldt. If you can make something to resemble a camera - your lead singer is there on his mark.
Danny Chavis is not pictured because, well he was in a period of inability to leave the east village.
The year was 1998 and Brokenland was not trending yet. BRKLYN.
Des White isn't in it because he was mixing the record. I wasn't 100% sure of the location or time or date- so  I was a no show.
Our last 3 months together,
things change.
if you remember this shoot.. Facebook Daniel Chavis

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kitchen Kitsch on the road

1996 Yesha records,  w Mike Beard, Bryon Settle

someone related to  B- 52's got their first instrument, and is warm and sleepy.
Some people are clearing out their common rooms,while other bring in everything.
Mike Ayers and Daniel Chavis must keep stuff. "wow, hey, that's kinda weird, man."
Going into vintage shops and antique stores near a club is not unusual.  Trading
your  daily food money for toys is...well,  your business. I moved over to the clothing section and pulled a Christian Dior red and black shirt. Norman, OK, wow- 1970's shirt. In 1994 !"I'm doing something over here", I mumbled,  looking across the chrome clothing racks -as they are doing nothing.
what- are you guys are squinting to read English? who's product would appreciate? As I begin to cypher the pros and cons to quickly quantify (who is a jackass based on purchases), Ayers walks his toy box to the register as if he were presenting the Queen's bejeweled royal remote control. please. stupid toy rocket. silly spaceship face- Thomas the train oughta drop an elbow on this toy in front of a judge and jury, obviously made up of real, credible, unbiased established toy peers. Radio Flyer,Leggo,Lincoln logs, GI Joe, Evil Kenevel, Barbie.
Babs will not be impressed by Low tech or misspellings.
Most of the people hired to write translations on unique asian toys are not using google translator.
The proofreaders, must be the same person, or a guy at the watercooler who knows how
serious the fine is for correcting someone in the workplace.
anyway galactic ships and rockets get packaged not as a spaceship, but a Universe Boat.
Danny looks at me, I look at Burris, Ayers goes... "What?" "Its a neat li'l guy"! "Y'all don't have a clue"
Daniel, " yeah - its cool Mike, later for those losers".
They have this problem in both of their residences.
Hey Ayers - A guy filming the new R. Deniro film in NOLA propped up my shirt as we walked by the set, being nosey. Des' in DC-  I get a mental dollar dropped in my Credit Union. Everytime. Put that rocket on ebay;I'll take it. pictured. 17 year old shirt, Lynn and Modigliani.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Veldt : CCCP video

So much drama in the Old Brooklyn Naval yard.
K.D. Sadler - great person -Producer
JJ Jaffe- Daughters of the Dust - Director of Photography.
The Veldt, w/ Jill G & Cheri C chose a young, bright guy - Kevin Bray as Director - one of his first projects. 6am to 7pm shoot. The day started slowly, which gets the restlessness flowing, which always yields well thought out, safe, productive events.
Lumbering around the heaps of old metal containers and twisted rusted machines that
afternoon between takes, was umpteen times better than sitting around a crew eating fruit, drinking water in a crowded RV.The rhythm section began kicking and demolishing old indiscernible industrial revolution second generation machine parts, and rotten wood, and bottles and windows. That seemed fair game.
There were several giant old brick buildings held together partly by the volume and quality of the graffiti on all its surfaces. We delved into the intricacies of our relationships and our career goal projections. The soundscape was classic CHHS  XC bottle breaking sounds, so even though Brooklyn is a ghosttown, it felt homey as we analyzed short term life plans, on and off the stage. We casually meandered over giant jagged rubble or slippery slimey  broken boards on the docks that run from the side of the warehouses to the river.  we'd compare our philosophical do's and dont's, occasionally staring from water level across the East River at all those landmark buildings.
Away from the Crew, away from record company attitude, the cameras, Danny and Daniel (were not into hiking/hucking objects), the Beastie Boys single on repeat, and the excitement of waiting on set. Still youthfully wandering through another warehouse like an Accidental Tourist, which just came out two years prior and played in Cameron village,an old Raleigh slave homestead at Oberlin. Similar to "Broken land" the river laden Brooklyn.
  'but it may be terrible, I better not'... 
I'd say passing daily to get K&W take out.
 On the outside was our denouement. 
  Straight giddy, but still in wardrobe we beeline for two already stripped and ruined compacts on the rocky lot creating a Mad Max meets Escape from NY set. One last..,few..dozen, or bakers dozen, rocks through the couple windows remaining on what was a mustang and a chevette?
 Bleak, bare, half buildings and boarded up docks. No warning signs. There is no help around here, but millions can see down on you. Desolate. From far away buildings  No reason to be here - unless desperation forces some shelter seeking. You never know if you'll have to do it.
  Walking up to the vintage ruins. A voice asks us what we are doing -  BROOKLYN cops found David and Marvin walking next to a stripped down, obviously old, stolen cars and were about to turn us NYPD black and blue...until the film crew and the Twins came running over, and found us around a corner near the dock and piles of wreckage. We stood there, relieved the cavalry showed. Really relieved Cops resheathed the knight sticks, sadly.
Our faces covered in makeup, wearing wardrobe's flowing garments and high soled creepers- everything spotless. "Yeah - we demolished this car..." Burris said. "we just got here, look how long they've  been here!""I know, look at us, we are on that set..", pointing to the bombed out looking building. I said feeling like an occidental trailertrash  toddler.
 This post is great.
 this does not have the total open dockyard and wasteland look (rubble in forefront looking at Manhattan view), but one of those big warehouse buildings looks like the shoot where we heard the song Illcommunication 10 hrs straight. (I love the Beastie Boys) While David Dinkins is helicoptering around to rooftop tennis with Lewis Lapham. Can they look down at this decay and lob some investors over there? It has been a wasteland for 25 years.