Monday, March 19, 2012

unsuitable pie

I envy Happy Birthday friend, as anyone would admire a better person. Sit through a short flashback with your mind, to a pre MyFacespacebook day.  This friend is one of the few on earth that gave one, about the day you arrived, gives a call or a card;some give cupcakes or hugs. I could've almost forgot the day all together, or slept through it. Birthday reminder person would call your answering machine, letting you know they care. It feels good for five seconds.Then like trash. Now your unfocused memory and selfishness allows no reciprocal gesture. Eventually my inept 'what birthday?' failed largely succumbing to insane gatherings and the true desire to be with  friends, and family. Everyone ended up having one big party on teen birthdays. Those times don't last long as we all slowly or suddenly go elsewhere. Educational options, employment opportunities, or unimaginable reasons like working for a Microsoft or fighting a war in Iraq. The fun days are all shorter than December 21st. Time will indeed fly by.
Still, breatheability is to be celebrated.
I gotta answer the phone a calls, before I was charted up on what I imagine is an ingrate tree. A pyramid of disrespect. Wellwishers and social jitterbugs will stick colored push pins in my face,(rendered by an artist), and possibly a stick figure body, mapping out events I was invited - but neglected to attend. My Aunts have police detective mob tree taped up on white butcher paper over sheetrock, in some room that looks like Sara Beth's restaurant / Church parlor!
 As I accept the praise for being born, which really, should be forwarded to my Mom -

Foward without flashing because we are here. I heard with, birthdays are auto sent. Not doing anything, is at least, more polite than 'auto Happy Birthday person'. social auto attentiveness is seems lame, but obviously is largely positive. Are women's age optional in the book?

My German shepard, Hans, ran away  during the big quake. 1971. I Acted like a brat at that party. I hated birthday parties for a while. I acted like a little six year old.
Eighteenth for 1965ers- we all celebrated Chapel Hill High style at the Pizza hut -He's Not Here plaza on Franklin st.
Drinking Riunite, Boones Farm, Malt Duck, and Goebels with Milwaukee Beast cases at the street tables.
Pizza hut guy comes out to move the mayhem of 25 - 30 kids celebrating the drinking age changing in two days, but most of us are making the cut.
"Could you guys leave-?" no response-
Again, the skinny, nice enough, frock wearing kid yells over a buzz of people buzzing.
"Yo, you guys all need to leave the premise!"
I turned to look at the unattentive crowd reaction slow to care focus on him or his words.
 Stephen Akin and Clark Troy both spring to attention sensing a debate opportunity. As if injected with smelling salts Clark hops up like he might be in a triple jump runway and stares into the guys face-
"What was that?"
He did not regress. Obviously sent out by a manager, but maybe looking for a promotion, or simply job retention.
 He repeated the same statement.
"Really, define premise!", Clark said flatly, and stood there as if he had all day for this discussion.
He did not have that kind of time.
  While someone inside was phoning up an officer or a few, to quell the party now completely unrelated to Pizza Hut and Pumphouse Arcade, arrangements were made to head to Beaver park at the bottom of Purefoy rd. A shouting friendly, wooded spot behind Merritts.
"You're an idiot", Stephen said,  with Clark edging him out to take center lectern position on the guy.
"One is a foundation , and one is a place, A place or property is "Premeises". It was loud and really could have continued infinitely,  but ...Police.
The parade was a party, happy, wild, it was like New Orleans I would guess. Festive as if UNC Mens varsity basketball made straight A's or won another National Cahmpionship. Both are celebrated very differently. This party had no real theme, less- Tomorrow we can't!
The Veldt put a pile of cash on the dressing room steps that went directlty to the stage of the Newport Music Hall. It was March Madness and UNC was still in it, so I was in a birthday mood. I Unsuited, and suited up the birthday suit, walked out on stage and greeted all the band.Simon and Robin saw me first, then Liz. Hello Columbus Ohio, What up guys!. Even the auxillary Cocteau twins (Dave , Ben, Vinny) got a big tour boost out of it. Any band is lying if they don't admit monotony sets in every 4th show.
I'm an idiot. I'm bored, and now I'll go get that cash. only $12 was there yet everyone was laughing.
That's fine.
Finer in Carolina. Not really. The grass might seem greener, but the ground is covered with piles of crap on both sides of the fence. Military hotheads at a Raleigh hardcore matinee misunderstanding Dead Kennedys are the same type who broke into our van during the Bull Durham Fishbone show at the Brewery. The next day Joe, Danny, and I took my Chevy Caprice to the Chamber st. house in Raleigh. "open the trunk and I'll stand here, like in the movies", Danny said.
"uh..., OK", was my nervous answer.
 Joe and I knocked on the door and they trembled and gave back glasses, bass, and leather jacket, etc.
What could be finer is my  move back from Brooklyn and was doing fine as we finished what was the last Veldt record.
Jumped into my new very used 1989 Saab9000 recently haggled from Page and started heading to the Dead  Mule club, where they are concerned primarily about the brown water. I'm quick about town, so in fifteen minutes it was time to figure where the owner of the car blocking me in the little gravel square lot was. Bouncing across the street and headturning, to avoid getting hit and because I've been trapped for three months on Bald Head Isle working, and now back home in a friendly place.My next act of public service may have lasting staying power.
The Cave was where the young lady who owned the car went. One block west in downtown Chapel Hill I picked up an entire row of overturned newspaper holders. They were heavy and my energy was dissipating while muttering and wondering who would do this.
 The three men who took offense to the cleanup, or their public performance vandalism art came at me from all sides. I don't know the time sequence. I swung and covered in defense, a boot caught me, I was near the tree, I could see 411 west, and McDonald's as I was sure to be a reenactment of American History X opening scene. I saw a flower pot.I was out, how long?
I saw legs, felt punches. Blood was streaming from my left back side of my head, but I crawled towards Ham's along the street and two guys on the wall at Ham's dialed 911 having seen the beating. I felt my root canal cracked and my bridge on my lower teeth hurt.Matt Putnam was standing over me,saying stuff, yelling at fools...thats my bartender- halfway down the street...
 Rolling over to prop my head on the sidewalk, I saw Officer Overend, and an ambulance. I stood and saw a guy threatening to kill me while the officer was questioning who to arrest. One of their brainwashed, backwater, hick girlfriend claimed she was in law school, and I imitated Ille Nastase on the whole group, a gesture that had the unwashed young lady trying to create a courtroom drama while I'm getting my headwrapped on a gurney. If she's not committed ,she's probably chasing the ambulances. They let the criminals not show for court, and dropped the case. I've caught the same guy twice Breaking and entering my house twice and the police knew him and do nothing. Also police did steal my car : FACT.
Margaret Lundy and her manager, Laurie, bought a cell phone and made me pay later. While I was actually criticized by some local ignorant racist losers for getting them arrested, Alzheimers and other trauma is not their problem.Unless its in their family also. "Concrete Jungle - it ain't safe on the streets, the animals are after me" . I would refer to these people simpletons.
  "Happy Birthday, now you can call the police",in  her happy 'day off voice'. Look, trying to tell her in a thanks but no thanks,no need for a cellphone. I'm anti clownpiece, and even a pager."The guys who sat there on the wall,witnessed it and - had cops there in one second Madge". "well ,she concludes,  you just seem like you need this!" An employer who cares about all her employees. Even a two shift a week barkeep.

Around 2007,  I could get a haircut without flinching when the clipper blades neared my new dangerzone. One day I pulled over on Martin Luther King Blvd or historic Airport rd. and started gathering a  hefty bag of business papers that obviously fell out of a vehicle. The winds would make this a giant mess.
Clean sheets on a road to ruin the five lane thoroughfare. Papers were slowly moving away and around, just enough to make me work a little.
One of a thousand Chapel Hill police cruisers pulls up to help.
Kinda surprising really, not because I've had over 50 tickets, but because this cop cares, Its Officer Overend.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Must you make a scene?

This was my Dads catch phrase from Los Angeles to Henderson, when private issues were verbalized publicly. "Dad , can I get uh.." As if struck with pain he halted then turned.Soundlessly, his expression transformed into some guy who not only shouldn't be at a strip club, but he is at one and is given  hot sauce gag candy from a peer pressurer and his17 y/o daughter walks out on stage.  His arm raised in halt position in the store aisle like we are hunting in the outback. "Do you mean ,'may I'", he asks 40% disgusted tone, "and have in lieu of 'get'".
"Dad, may I have that Evil Kenivel wind up knuckle scraping toy?" as I sprinted across Fedco and slid
the last 4 feet up to the display in my blue Prokeds- "Must you make such a scene?" would switch my kid faculties into good manners mode. Highlights ranked in my top ten reads in 1971 - Goofus would get an arm grab, Gallant would get a toy. I'm 6;a silent pouting is an option. Frown power will shower thinking man's guilt, wafting quietly upwards. 
Wow, he shut up. Maybe the li'l guy deserves it. He'll not grow up daredevil like. It's quiet.

Scene averted.
All scenes have this.
A collection of people who are friends through proximity / the power of like. Fun being around each other, constantly. And love music.  Sharing w/ friends , helping each other with demos. Playing it almost for free, paying to go to see it, and purchasing music / merch without having to be on spotify.
   Venues, fans, artist, musicians, radio,print, cafes and Kinkos
Factions, cliques,are natural. We are a simple people. Fearing all, educating rarely. From middle school rich kids in lunchrooms to insecure skinheads downtown to Capitol Hill and the United Nations. Segregate so we can relate.Makes ugly clubs;see any Whit Stillman Film.
 I moved to Oakwood because Daniel lived there and it was cheap and not Chapel Hill, because I'm burned out there.
When Pepper moved into Bloodworth st. house, I was a 3 month vet and about to get  behind a month in rent, but I had settled my mattress up on 36 milk crates in the best upstairs room, other than Melissa's, John candy's, and Reed's master. Ok , I had the worst bedroom but I wasn't in the basement. Pepper was down there. Lot's of pipes and water heater ; mess. After a week I went to his mausoleum crypt- It was spotless and redeigned. Keenan was quietly doing 100 art projects from silk screen designs to skateboard logos and playing guitar.a whole lotta riffs.But this weirdo had an MFA. Pondering  the temper tantrum odds of him getting tired of hearing Peele giving me drum lessons in the dining room was still a focus detractor. Reed could sleep through anything as if he were on a Boroughs-Wellcome scientific sleep study. Or in a band with a guy from NOLA ready to play. Playing a million shows each week will wear the body down.
Embracing his rest,  we somehow took Mac McCaughn's plate from a Mustang he sold Reed and got in a
high speed chase* with Reardon and Jody Maxwell (from Sex Police).Preventable it started when MacGowan called the Cameron Village cashier a dumbass for carding all involved. I only remember quickly leaving because he demanded to see the manager who appeared like Houdini. Suddenly two lines exchanged and he was on the phone to the police. We ran to the car and went down to Edenton and with a cop behind us went behind the old Huddle House and took the driveway like u-turn exit to back to the bus station; we shook him, through boylan heights, western blvd. Minutes later Jamie Mc's and her Chapel Hill party- burned out there. Probably top 5 out of  20 -this is it guys -clean cell for some, dirty one for others...
She got us a hardback gig  the next month .
So, in NYC where you would never borrow gear without paying (!) Here in the Ol' North the cymbals and amps are free my friend.and  license plates. It is actually a scene.

 Pros: COC van lending to Veldt , yet us destroying a nextdoor car backing up- fleeing the scene, and leaving $800 cash with the Chavis' grandma.
 mentionable Cons: Using the old  NOCORE plate,COC van's, on Akin's Acura to get Carrboro Harris Teeter gaining a late night frozen dinner. The cop pulled up in the yard but the computer was down all night, so we waited for :30 and all I got was to thaw my dinner on the car hood. They called it a night.

 Reed borrowed my Animosity to practice with it.
*Chases :must involve George,L. Wurster, Reardon, MacGowan, Stehling, Ladd

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blow off the digital dustpile ; Run the Amex

We've done some  20th century projects, only to forget to release them. Creating art, only to have
the business side shelve something is our style. our albums, ideas, videos, tours, cover art...
Fair enough.
But, this has Peter Eichenberger in the subplot of a David van Gieson video.
'Sigh' - by The Veldt. If you can make something to resemble a camera - your lead singer is there on his mark.
Danny Chavis is not pictured because, well he was in a period of inability to leave the east village.
The year was 1998 and Brokenland was not trending yet. BRKLYN.
Des White isn't in it because he was mixing the record. I wasn't 100% sure of the location or time or date- so  I was a no show.
Our last 3 months together,
things change.
if you remember this shoot.. Facebook Daniel Chavis

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kitchen Kitsch on the road

1996 Yesha records,  w Mike Beard, Bryon Settle

someone related to  B- 52's got their first instrument, and is warm and sleepy.
Some people are clearing out their common rooms,while other bring in everything.
Mike Ayers and Daniel Chavis must keep stuff. "wow, hey, that's kinda weird, man."
Going into vintage shops and antique stores near a club is not unusual.  Trading
your  daily food money for toys is...well,  your business. I moved over to the clothing section and pulled a Christian Dior red and black shirt. Norman, OK, wow- 1970's shirt. In 1994 !"I'm doing something over here", I mumbled,  looking across the chrome clothing racks -as they are doing nothing.
what- are you guys are squinting to read English? who's product would appreciate? As I begin to cypher the pros and cons to quickly quantify (who is a jackass based on purchases), Ayers walks his toy box to the register as if he were presenting the Queen's bejeweled royal remote control. please. stupid toy rocket. silly spaceship face- Thomas the train oughta drop an elbow on this toy in front of a judge and jury, obviously made up of real, credible, unbiased established toy peers. Radio Flyer,Leggo,Lincoln logs, GI Joe, Evil Kenevel, Barbie.
Babs will not be impressed by Low tech or misspellings.
Most of the people hired to write translations on unique asian toys are not using google translator.
The proofreaders, must be the same person, or a guy at the watercooler who knows how
serious the fine is for correcting someone in the workplace.
anyway galactic ships and rockets get packaged not as a spaceship, but a Universe Boat.
Danny looks at me, I look at Burris, Ayers goes... "What?" "Its a neat li'l guy"! "Y'all don't have a clue"
Daniel, " yeah - its cool Mike, later for those losers".
They have this problem in both of their residences.
Hey Ayers - A guy filming the new R. Deniro film in NOLA propped up my shirt as we walked by the set, being nosey. Des' in DC-  I get a mental dollar dropped in my Credit Union. Everytime. Put that rocket on ebay;I'll take it. pictured. 17 year old shirt, Lynn and Modigliani.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Veldt : CCCP video

So much drama in the Old Brooklyn Naval yard.
K.D. Sadler - great person -Producer
JJ Jaffe- Daughters of the Dust - Director of Photography.
The Veldt, w/ Jill G & Cheri C chose a young, bright guy - Kevin Bray as Director - one of his first projects. 6am to 7pm shoot. The day started slowly, which gets the restlessness flowing, which always yields well thought out, safe, productive events.
Lumbering around the heaps of old metal containers and twisted rusted machines that
afternoon between takes, was umpteen times better than sitting around a crew eating fruit, drinking water in a crowded RV.The rhythm section began kicking and demolishing old indiscernible industrial revolution second generation machine parts, and rotten wood, and bottles and windows. That seemed fair game.
There were several giant old brick buildings held together partly by the volume and quality of the graffiti on all its surfaces. We delved into the intricacies of our relationships and our career goal projections. The soundscape was classic CHHS  XC bottle breaking sounds, so even though Brooklyn is a ghosttown, it felt homey as we analyzed short term life plans, on and off the stage. We casually meandered over giant jagged rubble or slippery slimey  broken boards on the docks that run from the side of the warehouses to the river.  we'd compare our philosophical do's and dont's, occasionally staring from water level across the East River at all those landmark buildings.
Away from the Crew, away from record company attitude, the cameras, Danny and Daniel (were not into hiking/hucking objects), the Beastie Boys single on repeat, and the excitement of waiting on set. Still youthfully wandering through another warehouse like an Accidental Tourist, which just came out two years prior and played in Cameron village,an old Raleigh slave homestead at Oberlin. Similar to "Broken land" the river laden Brooklyn.
  'but it may be terrible, I better not'... 
I'd say passing daily to get K&W take out.
 On the outside was our denouement. 
  Straight giddy, but still in wardrobe we beeline for two already stripped and ruined compacts on the rocky lot creating a Mad Max meets Escape from NY set. One last..,few..dozen, or bakers dozen, rocks through the couple windows remaining on what was a mustang and a chevette?
 Bleak, bare, half buildings and boarded up docks. No warning signs. There is no help around here, but millions can see down on you. Desolate. From far away buildings  No reason to be here - unless desperation forces some shelter seeking. You never know if you'll have to do it.
  Walking up to the vintage ruins. A voice asks us what we are doing -  BROOKLYN cops found David and Marvin walking next to a stripped down, obviously old, stolen cars and were about to turn us NYPD black and blue...until the film crew and the Twins came running over, and found us around a corner near the dock and piles of wreckage. We stood there, relieved the cavalry showed. Really relieved Cops resheathed the knight sticks, sadly.
Our faces covered in makeup, wearing wardrobe's flowing garments and high soled creepers- everything spotless. "Yeah - we demolished this car..." Burris said. "we just got here, look how long they've  been here!""I know, look at us, we are on that set..", pointing to the bombed out looking building. I said feeling like an occidental trailertrash  toddler.
 This post is great.
 this does not have the total open dockyard and wasteland look (rubble in forefront looking at Manhattan view), but one of those big warehouse buildings looks like the shoot where we heard the song Illcommunication 10 hrs straight. (I love the Beastie Boys) While David Dinkins is helicoptering around to rooftop tennis with Lewis Lapham. Can they look down at this decay and lob some investors over there? It has been a wasteland for 25 years.